Jaipur Chapter

In a proactive step towards empowering students to navigate digital platforms with confidence and safety, Maheshwari Public School, Kalwar Road, Rajasthan, has wholeheartedly embraced the Civil20 Safe and Brave Online campaign in collaboration with AYUDH India. This initiative, spearheaded by the "Safe and Brave Online by Technology and Security Transformation" working group, embodies a vision of a world where young minds harness the power of technology responsibly and with caution.

MPS International School, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan conducted the #Civil20 999 Challenge - a 9-day yoga and meditation camp, introducing their students to the profound benefits of practicing Surya Namaskar for their mental health and physical well-being.  

Maheshwari Girls Public School, Jaipur, Rajasthan organized the #Civil20 999 Challenge for their students in various batches, making an impressive contribution to the nation by making young minds energetic.

AYUDH volunteers at Jaipur celebrated Amma's 70th birthday with the children of Seva Bharati Bal Vidyalay Orphanage. AYUDHians prepared and distributed delicious food to the children and conducted fun activities to get closer to children’s hearts. Amma says that if you are able to remove someone’s sorrow, even for a second you receive life’s blessings! Inspired by Amma, AYUDHians are committed to selfless service.  

999 Challenge encompasses a wide range of activities, designed to stimulate holistic development promote academic success, foster critical thinking and creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage engagement with the community.

The Maheshwari Public School, Jaipur located in Jawahar Nagar, demonstrated its commitment to student well-being by organizing a 9-day yoga and meditation camp, promoting the benefits of these practices.

AYUDH Jaipur celebrated 'Amritavarsham 69' in an unforgettable manner with the children of Aashray Care Home. It was a heart touching experience for AYUDHians at Jaipur. The youth visited Aashray Care Home, a local orphanage. The care home housed offspring of parents who had passed on due to AIDS. The children living there were especially ostracized and neglected. AYUDH members organized games, cultural programmes, distributed lunch & sweets and also shared Amma's videos and stories with the children.


University of Rajasthan hosted the AYUDH Self-Management Workshop at Jaipur organized by the coordinators from the National Coordination Committee of AYUDH, Amritapuri, Kerala.


Go Blue at Pink City! AYUDH Jaipur members organized a bicycle rally in connection with World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, WAAW2021 declared by World Health Organization (WHO)

The team cycled from Patrika Gate to Jaipur Airport, spoke to the shop people and to the public about the threat of AMR. They also educated their family members and neighbors about the the same.