Blog Archive August 2016

'Vriksha Rakshabandhan' - a green initiative of AYUDH Calicut Chapter, to protect trees, was launched.

The Haritamritam workshop was conducted in Swapnapurthi society on 28th August, 2016. All the participants thanked the team for having this opportunity to learn organic terrace gardening.

Haritamritam ​program was conducted in Polite Homes on 27th August 2016​​. All residents of this society actively participated in the workshop and gave excellent feedback.​

The teachers and students of St Ramanand School participated in the Haritamritam Workshop on 27th August, 2016. 

The Haritamritam Program was conducted in Kamalnayan Bajaj School on 24th August, 2016. 

RSS Members participated in the Haritamritam workshop on 21st August, 2016.  They got great inspiration from the workshop and invited the AYUDH team to conduct a similar workshop for Prayas Ladies Group.

Independence day was celebrated by Ayudhians in Mumbai.

AYUDH Amritapuri - organized Bharat Mata Puja 2016, literally elated the massive gathering to zeniths of patriotic feelings.

All the residents of SKF society participated in the Haritamritam workshop on 15th August, 2016 during the occasion of Independence Day. 

Lohgad and Visapur are two majestic forts located in the vicinity of Malavali village, Lonavala gifted with variety of flora.  Both the forts have a connected history. These forts are a home for trekkers in Pune and Chinchwad area.