Rаmаyаnа Vishwа Раryаdаnаm

As a part of the Ramayana Masam (month) under the title "Rаmаyаnа Saparya," AYUDH Amritapuri, conducted Rаmаyаnа Vishwа Раryаdаnаm a colloquium on different versions of Rаmаyаnа across the wоrld.

AYUDH Leaders Training Summit

AYUDH India organized two national level training summits at Amritapuri from 24-31 December 2017- Leaders Training Summit (24-27 December) for youngsters aged 15 to 30 years, followed by Mentors Training Summit (28-31 December) for adults aged 30 to 50 years.