AYUDH Pune Day2 at Amritapuri

On Day2 at Amritapuri, AYUDH Pune Team had a serene beach visit, setting the tone for a day filled with meaningful experiences. Another highlight was the visit to the recycling centre, where AYUDHians delved into the eco-conscious process of recycling waste from the whole area, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Next stop was the Rudraksha and Tulsi Garden, a place of natural beauty and tranquillity. Following the ancient culture of agriculture, the gardens the AYUDHians visited looked like mini forests full of organic vegetables, medicinal plants and fruits.

Rаmаyаnа Vishwа Раryаdаnаm

As a part of the Ramayana Masam (month) under the title "Rаmаyаnа Saparya," AYUDH Amritapuri, conducted Rаmаyаnа Vishwа Раryаdаnаm a colloquium on different versions of Rаmаyаnа across the wоrld.

AYUDH Leaders Training Summit

AYUDH India organized two national level training summits at Amritapuri from 24-31 December 2017- Leaders Training Summit (24-27 December) for youngsters aged 15 to 30 years, followed by Mentors Training Summit (28-31 December) for adults aged 30 to 50 years.