AYUDH has started another mission called ASWAS (Ayudians Spreading Warmth and Smiles) which is a winter cloth collection drive for our villagers in north India. No need to say the pathetic condition of our rural villages during this winter season. Due to inadequacy of proper clothing hundreds lose their lives in every winter season. You might have seen news about this on our print media as well.

As we have adopted around 35 villages in northern side of India, ASWAS is a small act of kindness to help those people there providing proper winter clothing in this season.

Awaken Youth; Unite for Dharma (AYUDH), the international youth movement of Mata Amritanandamayi Math is constantly engaged in social activities to reach out to the poor and needy. AYUDH team is coming up with one called ASWAS (Ayudhians Spreading Warmth And Smiles). ASWAS campaign is aimed at creating awareness among the public and to encourage them to contribute towards helping poor North Indian villagers by donating winter clothes (sweaters, woollen shawls, mufflers, socks etc).

What type of clothes can be donated ?

Clothes donated should be woollen clothes like Sweaters, Jackets, Shawls, Mufflers, Socks, Caps (monkey caps), Pullovers, etc. Newly bought clothes are preferred; if not, less / sparingly used winter clothes in good condition could be included.