Ayudh Four Minutes for India - Video Contest

National Youth Day is celebrated in India on January 12th on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. Ayudh ​(Awaken Youth; Unite for Dharma) traditionally celebrates this as Yuva Jagriti.During the 'YuvaJagriti' event the program "4 Minutes For India" was officially announced.


The 10 best videos of the “4Minutes4India” contest are shortlisted. With more than a 100 entries, most of which displayed quality and elegance, it took different levels of scrutiny for the judging panels to decide upon the final ten. Those who made it to the Grand Finale are:

  • Kiran Kambrath - Kerala
  • Madhumitha - Coimbatore
  • Goutham - Trivandrum
  • Akash G - Coimbatore
  • Vinayak.S.Kumar - Kollam
  • Rahul Nair - Pune
  • Susheel Kumar Patil - Banglore
  • Raghav Kalra & Atharv Jairath - New Delhi
  • Yadu Krishnan - Palakkad
  • Hari - Tamil Nadu

Keep following us for the Finals.


If you have an idea that can transform India for the better then "Four Minutes For India" is your platform to share it. All you have to do is convert that idea into a video not longer than four minutes. It can be a selfie video, drama, presentation, skit or even a short movie. It can be as imaginative, creative or as crazy as you like. That said, if the video involves risk to life (any life), damage to public property or public humiliation of any person or institution, it will be disqualified without further thought. Participants are also advised to maintain minimum presentable video resolution. The competition is open to high school, graduate and postgraduate students. The only rule any participant should follow is that the length of the video should not exceed four minutes.

The top ten entries will get the opportunity to present their ideas at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. The final winners shall receive attractive cash prizes and certificates based on their final presentation.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017