Delhi Chapter


As the winter sets in, Ayudh Delhi NCR sets out to provide some warmth by distributing warm clothes to the needy every year.  

This year too, Ayudh Delhi members provided warm clothes and blankets to the needy families around the ashram and also those out in the open. 

International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Amrita Hospital, Faridabad on 21st June. Br Harshamrita ji (Regional Coordinator AYUDH India) led the yoga session along with AYUDH members.

The launch of Global seedball in Amma's Delhi ashram. AYUDH members as well as Amma's devotees participated in making seedballs. Lots of fun and deep satisfaction to serve Mother Earth.

AYUDH Delhi NCR, Amrita Hospital, and Amrita University jointly launched the Global seedball campaign in Faridabad, as part of numerous C20 initiatives.

Recent highlights of Delhi schools actively participating in formation of human logo and spreading awareness for #GenderEquality under ongoing #c20 Gender Equality campaign

In the series of events for Gender equality, the Amrita Vidyalayam school in New Delhi, witnessed an important event yesterday that was graced by the benign presence of Sh. Himanshu Gupta (Director of Education), Dr. A K Tyagi (Deputy Director of Education Dist. South), Ms. Anju Chawla (Deputy Director of Education Zone 23), Br Mokshamrita Chaitanya (National Coordinator of AYUDH India) and Br Harshamrita Chaitanya (State Coordinator of AYUDH Delhi), and Bri. Chinmayamrita Chaitanya (Principal, AmritaVidyalayam Delhi).

Recent highlights of beautiful human logo formations as part of ongoing Gender Equality campaigns across various schools of Delhi

The Gender Equality campaign has been launched in all the schools of Delhi. The students are participating with lots of enthusiasm and new ideas. Br Mokshamrita visited the Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Aya nagar (New Delhi) for the program organized by the school under the dynamic guidance of HoS Ms Babita along with the energetic teachers.

Global Health has been an essential working group in past C20 summits, addressing the healthcare issues of the day. Integrated Holistic Health: 
Mind, Body, and Environment is one of the 14 Working Groups that have been formed under C20 India 2023. 
At the C20 Integrated holistic Health summit 2023, Ayudh Delhi NCR put up a stall for young youth to be motivated by the ideologies of Ayudh and join us in helping the society. 
Glimpses of AYUDH stall with young AYUDHIANS.