Pune Chapter

AYUDH Pune celebrated Amma's 70th birthday by planting 70 trees as part of the ARPAN project, a special green initiative to convert barren land into a flourishing mini forest. This was a loving tribute to Amma, who has always taught us to live harmoniously with nature. Amma herself transformed her birthday into a prayer for world peace and happiness. AYUDH Pune's initiative to plant trees on Amma's birthday is a reminder of her message to save the planet. Inspired by Amma's message to save the planet, the ARPAN project started on Amma's 65th birthday and this year marked the 6th year.

AYUDH Pune commenced ‘Safe and Brave Online' Campaign on November 30, 2023, the International Computer Security Day – an exclusive initiative for youth that empowers them while providing knowledge and practical skills to mitigate cyber ills and develop resilience. The engineering and professional students from AYUDH Pune Team conducted the first session in CMS English School Higher Secondary School in Pune. These workshops will be continued by the AYUDH Team in all English medium schools of PCMC Corporation, Pune in the upcoming weeks.

Day2 of ASIP in Pune commenced with a Meditation session designed to promote stress management, good health, and overall well-being. The main highlight of the Day2 AYUDH Self-Management Internship Program was a very interesting and insightful session on significance and science behind Symbolism, Image Worship, and Festivals in Sanatana Dharma by Bri. Niseema from AYUDH National Coordination Team. Participants gained an understanding of the symbolism and cultural significance and essence of festivals.

DAY1 AYUDH Self Management Internship Program (ASIP) at Pune commenced with all AYUDHians lighting Diya - the Lamp of Knowledge, symbolising to banish darkness, and to represent a continuous upward movement in one's life. AYUDHians from a diverse range of educational backgrounds came together to delve into the art of self-management by incorporating the profound teachings of Sanatana Dharma and spiritual practices into their daily lives.

The participants explored the idea that success goes beyond academic accomplishments and includes things like emotional stability, personal development, and beneficial societal impact during the Self-Management Workshop conducted at Saraswathy Vidyalaya by AYUDH team. They exchanged helpful tips and thoughts on how to properly manage one's time, priorities, and emotions. The event's main theme was the importance of self-management for real life success. The session was very interactive and offered insightful commentary on various facets of self-management.

CMS Pune participated in an interactive session conducted by AYUDH team which shed light on various aspects of self-awareness, emotional well-being, and the cultivation of a positive outlook. The workshop encouraged participants to explore the idea that personal success transcends academic achievements and encompasses emotional resilience, individual growth, and meaningful societal contributions. Practical insights were shared on effective time management, prioritization, and emotional regulation.

AYUDH Orientation session was conducted for Amrita Junior college students, underscoring the significance of holistic self-management for achieving success in various real-life scenarios. Additionally, the event acquainted new students with the essence of AYUDH, an international youth movement dedicated to empowering young individuals, showcasing impactful community projects and initiatives and inspiring videos of Amma. Many enthusiastic students eagerly expressed their interest in joining the AYUDH. "We are new in Amrita college and studied in other schools till 10th.

MBA students from DY Patil Institute of Management invited AYUDH National Coordination Team to conduct the Self-Management Workshop in their campus and to know more about AYUDH India The focus of the event was the significance of Self- Management for true success in life.

Gita jayanthi

AYUDH Pune celebrated Gita Jayanti, embracing the wisdom within the profound words of Amma. Amma says, "The Gita is one of the most beautiful pieces of philosophy ever written. It shines as the beacon light of knowledge, inspiring millions to tread the path of Dharma.". The day unfolded with a spirited energy as AYUDHians participated in a Gita Quiz, a skit depicting real-life scenarios, and the rhythmic chanting of slokas.

On Day2 at Amritapuri, AYUDH Pune Team had a serene beach visit, setting the tone for a day filled with meaningful experiences. Another highlight was the visit to the recycling centre, where AYUDHians delved into the eco-conscious process of recycling waste from the whole area, emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Next stop was the Rudraksha and Tulsi Garden, a place of natural beauty and tranquillity. Following the ancient culture of agriculture, the gardens the AYUDHians visited looked like mini forests full of organic vegetables, medicinal plants and fruits.