AYUDH Kolkata Organized ASWAS

AYUDH Kolkata organized ASWAS (AYUDHians Spreading Warmth And Smiles), the Winter Clothing Drive in Kolkata with the noble aim of bringing warmth to those in need. The collected winter wears were generously given to Old Age homes at #Behala, embodying the spirit of care and compassion. 

The AYUDHians, driven by the values of service, visited the Old Age homes, where they not only distributed winter wear but also spent quality time with the residents. The shared moments were filled with joy, prayers and bhajans creating an atmosphere of happiness.  

Ayudh Delhi Members Provided Warm Clothes Distribution


As the winter sets in, Ayudh Delhi NCR sets out to provide some warmth by distributing warm clothes to the needy every year.  

This year too, Ayudh Delhi members provided warm clothes and blankets to the needy families around the ashram and also those out in the open.