Ayudh Mumbai Conducted Self Management Workshop

Ayudh Mumbai Conducted Self Management Workshop

“The Self-Management Workshop was a great learning experience. We are so eager to join AYUDH and learn more for our life. Thanks to the coordinators from Amritapuri for the wonderful session. We got to know that, all the good practices that empower us to stay calm and focused in the challenging moments have their roots in Sanatana Dharma. It was a reminder for us to incorporate spiritual practices in our life along with the Academics” remarked the participants from Amrita Vidyalayam, Mumbai, who attended the Self-Management workshop conducted by the AYUDH coordinators from the National Coordination Committee, Amritapuri, Kerala. The workshop was done on 2 days for the all the senior students of Amrita Vidyalayam, Mumbai.

Brahmacharini Sharanyamrita Chaitanya, the school in-charge welcomed the resource persons. Mrs Anupama Rao, Vice Principal addressed the students and explained the benefits of being part of AYUDH.

The students registered with AYUDH and expressed their gratitude and said, they are extremely happy that, by associating with AYUDH, they continue to get opportunities to learn and serve the world!

The workshop gave an insight to the participants about the true success and the right ways to march towards that on the path of Dharma! They also learned the importance of having the ability to effectively manage the stress, emotions, thoughts etc. and the techniques mentioned in Sanatana Dharma to master the mind and to face challenges in life.

They enjoyed singing together for world peace along with Amma’s voice in the presentation audio. The group meditation was a reminder for the daily meditation practice to have relaxation and calmness within.

The participants enthusiastically interacted with the coordinators from Amritapuri and expressed their views openly. Also thanked them for the wonderful workshop which helped them to understand, their Dharma in a better way.

“It was a unique time and experience I ever had! Not only we enjoyed but also we got unique knowledge and great learning for life. Most of the time we are learning theories of values and morals, but not able to the practice because there are no opportunities. Practicing Morals, Principles are also important to become a great human and I am sure that I will get those opportunities by associating with AYUDH. Thank you so much for the workshop”, said Ms Supriya Anil Chaurasiya from 11th class.

“I enjoyed lot and I had learnt so much from AYUDH workshop we had also played games which will be memorable in my life. The fun and knowledge that I had, I will never forget in my life. I am very proud of myself that I am an AYUDHian “, remarked Mr Aditya Manjrekar.

“It was a mind blowing session! I will surely join AYUDH and become an active member. I am sure all the upcoming events also will be superb. Blessed to be part of AYUDH and proud to be an AYUDHian” , said Ms Riddhima Singh.

“The overall experience was so insightful. We learned about the techniques to practice in our daily life in order to have a proper balance in all ups and downs and in all challenging situations in our life. Happy to learn about Amma’s teachings and advice in connection with these. So happy to join AYUDH”, remarked Mr Vedant Shetty from 12th class.