Orphanage Visit

AYUDH Chennai chapter launched a project Orphanage Visit. 


AYUDH Chennai visited Ramlingar Adigalar Orphanage, Chennai. 

They told about our Amma's life and activities and also showed A/V clips about Amma to the students at the home. They also told about NAMA JAPA Mahima.

Chanting the sacred syllable "OM" for World peace along with the kids. Chanting the Great Shanti Mantras with our orphanage kid's for the stability of peace in the whole of this creation

Chanted Amma's Ashthothoram with our dear kid's in Ramlingar Adigalar orphanage.

After Archana completion distributed Amma's Prasad to students.

Ending up with Selfie photo's with our orphanage kid's.


Activities included sharing some important values of Indian culture, bhajans and devotion.  


November 30, 2021

AYUDH Baneshwar Celebrated Diwali with Children at Orphanage of Mauli Anath Ashram, Nasarapur.

January 20, 2019

AYUDH Chennai chapter visited Ramlingar Adigalar Orphanage, Chennai.