Ayudh Bhubaneswar Celebrates World Heritage Day 2019

A team of young vibrant leaders of Ayudh Bhubaneswar has visited Konark Sun temple on occasion of World Heritage Day.

The Sun temple popularly called as a Black Pagoda, is known for its magnificent architecture and was built in 13th century by the King Narasimha Deva 1 of the Ganga Dynastry.
The Sun Temple is currently under ruins.Because of its astounding architectural significance the Sun temple in Konark in Odisha is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site. NDTV and The Times of India, both, also included the Temple in their popular list of Seven Wonders of India.
The Architecture, interior and exterior drawings and paintings, Eastern gateway, decorations, Nata Mandir, Religious processions are some of the highlights of the temple. The Audience Hall and Dining hall are simple glorious sight to watch. The numerous images prescribed on the Temple’s walls present various animals and mythological paintings including those of Goddess Shakti, God Vishnu, and Lord Shiva etc.The face of the temple is in the East-West direction as you enter the temple.The entire temple is a chariot of the Sun god with twelve pairs of exceptionally designed and beautifully decorated stone wheels each about 10 feet in diameter, with a set of spokes and elaborate carvings. Temple is surrounded by numerous trees including mahogany, rosewood, eel etc.
A quiz on Indian Cultural heritage was conducted for the team and all have participated with so much enthusiasm. After the quiz, the prize was distributed for the winners.
The team were excited as the visit turned out to be an opportunity to know more about the heritage structures and its cultural significance, and the challenges that encompass their conservation.

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Thursday, 18 April 2019